Are Mobile Phones the Silent Killers on Road?

Driving is a concentration seeking task. Anything that distracts your mind or eyes in your ride can bring in disasters on road. It is very important to know the rules for mobile use when driving and put a big ‘no’ to its use in your rides.

Phone use while driving being a growing problem prompts government and law enforcement authorities to alert drivers to switch their phones to silent mode when they get behind the wheel. Mobile phone use while driving certainly will affect the driver’s concentration and results in delays in reaction times and an increase in chances for accidents. While awareness of the risks of phone use in drives has increased in recent years, drivers continue to use their phones in their cars.

When talking about the hazards of using mobile phones while driving; it is worthwhile to highlight the positive impacts they have made in the fast moving world. They help us to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones. Smart phones are a perfect answer to our informational needs and enables us to view and share information anytime, anywhere; at times in driving too. For instance, smartphones keep drivers informed about traffic blocks to trace the location of a traveler who has booked your taxi or to call someone when you are in trouble during the ride; making mobile phones an inevitable factor even during driving. To make these good things happen; always keep in mind to slow down or park your vehicle to make / answer a call or to text an important message.

Phone use is not always a good choice, but it has also become a habit. Now, it is time to accept the very fact that mobile usage is inevitable in our day to day activities and hence have to give utmost importance in managing its use while at ride so as to keep yourself, your teammates, your, boss and your loved ones happy; thereby ensuring you safe and well informed about what is happening around you and for your people.A sensible move can make mobile phones your perfect companion than dragging it to be a “Silent Killers on Road”.