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Behind the Wheel Training

Welcome to our CA DMV APPROVED Behind the Wheel Training!
The California DMV requires 6 hours of behind the wheel professional driving instruction as a requirement to receive a provisional drivers license for individuals under 17 – 1/2 years of age.
Drivers instruction begins once the student obtains the CA DMV Learners Permit. Students spend a minimum of six hours with a licensed driving instructor in a car equipped with dual brakes for safety. To get your Learner’s Permit you must also have enrolled in Classroom Driver Education Training , or you must have completed Online Drivers School.

Students are required to take their first lesson with a certified instructor to validate their permit and within six months to complete the additional hours as well as 50 hours of practice driving with their parent or individual over 25 years of age.

Once you obtain your learners permit you will then contact our office to schedule your behind the wheel training. We will pick up from your home or school to start your training. These lessons are personalized one-on-one professional driving instruction with DMV-certified instructors. These behind the wheel trainings are scheduled in three two hour sessions.

During these sessions, the instructor will be going over the new driver safety training course lessons and teaching the student to become a safe, defensive driver. This driving instruction also includes specific work to prepare you to pass the the final DMV driving road test. We specialize in driving with nervous students and assist them with overcoming any fears to become a safe, confident driver.

We offer both male and female instructors to assist you in enhancing your skills whether it is a first time student or a student who needs a brush up lesson. We also provide assistance with car rentals to take to the DMV for the final road test.
Our Behind the Wheel New Driver Safety Course is Only $289.00, including the DMV Certificate of Completion.